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Spotify skips first 500ms of tracks after pause.

Spotify skips first 500ms of tracks after pause.

Often if Spotify has been paused and I go to play a new track the first 250-500ms of the song are silent.

This is annoying because often this contains the first beat of the track so you begin on the second beat which is a rather disorientating start to the song.

My internet is fast and computer powerful. I have just reinstalled Windows and the problem remains.

The problem occurs on multiple audio cards. 

The problem cannot be reproduced every time. 


Any help would be much appreciated. 

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I can confirm that on pause and un-pause (including when seeking back to the beginning with media keys while paused) will skip some of the music, no more than a second of it but still incredibly annoying. In order to not skip you have to switch to a previous song and then switch back. This happens regardless of any of the playback settings; it isn't caused by gapless, crossfade, or hardware acceleration.


Windows 7, up-to-date version at time of this post.

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