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Spotify song counter doesn’t update properly for artist

Spotify song counter doesn’t update properly for artist

There is an artist, well, not even small artist in my country, whom I wanted to support with listening her music, thus increasing her top song’s counter to get above 100,000 plays by today morning. And I’m really her great fan!


In my country, the Spotify counter updates at 8am CET.

I was listening to this particular song while commuting, while doing my daily admin job, while being at home, and also while I was heating-up my new Avantone Mixcube studio monitor.

The song counter was on 99,281 on Friday 8am, then on 99,616 on Saturday 8am.

The number of listeners naturally jumped up by a few persons because of artist’s concert on Thursday. So they listened it too... meanwhile I was playing it repeatedly.


According to Spotify statement, if a song is played for at least 30 seconds, it is considered to be one stream. I linked my account to as well, in order to count the number of  scrobbles. They have stricter rule, because a scrobble counts only if song is played at least for half of its length, in this case 2:10, which is far more than 30sec.


According to aforementioned rules, facts, update timing and measurement, the counter should be minimum at 100,009 instead of 99,895, in case if I’m the only listener, which is very unlikely. 


So what’s happening?? I’m really curious after all of this how you would explain the missing 100+ streams. 


If you need more info, just send me a private message, and I’m happy to share screenshots.


(BTW I already had to contact artist support team because this artist's counter got stuck for a while. So they fixed it last week and the counter should be OK by now, but according to above mentioned symptom, something is wrong.)



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My counter is stuck and frozen.  It took off 2,000 streams nearly before freezing too.  All my promotions that go into effect today are useless.  Meanwhile, I'm waiting on a response from the support team.  This is incredibly frusterating.

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