Spotify spielt keine Lieder mehr.

Spotify spielt keine Lieder mehr.

Ich Brauche Hilfe mein Spotify will nicht mehr alle Lieder Abspielen sie werden zwar erkannt aber werden nicht Abgespielt und ich habe schon alles versucht was nur geht.

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Hello @Kronnos2244,


Thanks for getting in touch! Hope it's okay if we reply in English.


Could you find out if you have the Explicit filter switched on? This could prevent you from playing some songs. You can also see in the Settings if you have 'unavailable' tracks set to visible. This would enable you to see greyed out songs which are (temporarily) not available.


If this doesn't help, let us know what you see happening exactly when you try to play a song. A screenshot in this case could also help.


Let us know how it goes!


Have a nice day.

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