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Spotify stops playing after a few days

Spotify stops playing after a few days


 Every few days, which is when i notice it, spotify will stop playing songs. saved songs will always work, but if i try to listen to a new artist or to any song that has not been saved to my favorite songs, the album art icon will display a black square with a gray disc. Googled it the first few times it happened, everything said uninstall and reinstall. i did this, three times at last count. directly after the reinstall, unsaved songs will work. however, when i try again in a few days they will not work. i'm just about fed up with this, spotify has been nothing but trouble since i first installed it.

Web player will not play at all, either. 

Spotfy Bug.PNG
2 Replies

I've been facing the same problem recently. Songs which are in my playlist can be reproduced at anytime. But when I'm looking for new songs or visiting artists' page I can't reproduce these songs because they aren't in my playlist. Something interesting that I've discovered was when I switched my account to another one. When I've started using an old Spotify account I could play any song that I couldn't before. But when returning to my major account (it's associated to Facebook) I noticed the same issue again. 

PS: I've reinstalled Spotify several times as well as to author's topic

Buddy, after a few days I changed my account to Facebook one and the Spotify has returned to normal. 

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