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I use Spotify's web player at work where we have high speed wifi 24/7, however the songs on my playlist stop in-between songs all the time, and I have to refresh the webpage to solve the problem. I've tried signing out of all devices. Didn't solve the problem.

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Hey @tyjudes,


Welcome to the Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out about this here.


Just to double-check, have you already tried to reproduce what you reported by using the WebPlayer with a different device and internet connection? Asking since, if you're not able to reproduce it, then you might be facing some network restrictions that are specific to your workplace.


One thing it'd be good to try with your computer at work for now is flushing the DNS cache. This should help make sure that next time you use the Spotify Web Player, the playback experience goes smoothly. To do this in Windows 10, hit Win + R, then enter ipconfig /flushdns.


Let us know how you get on. We'll keep an eye on your reply!

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Yes i had same error flush dns had helped me 

Depends on your os find guide how to fix it on

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