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Spotify won't play songs I've added to a playlist from local files.

Spotify won't play songs I've added to a playlist from local files.







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Like the title says. Spotify won't play the songs I add to playlist from my local files. The songs show up in the playlist and I can click play but it just says that spotify can't play this right now. I have selected the folder that has the songs to show up in local files. The songs play with any other music program.


spotify broken.JPG
spotify bruken.JPG
3 Replies

Hey there @topi2001,

Sorry to hear your having this issue.


Please reach you account page and click "Sign Out Everywhere" and log back in as it might solve this small sync issue.

In addition, please check the Local Files help guide for further help.


Let me know how you did 😃

Did not work

Hey there @topi2001

thanks for the update.


That's a bit odd. 

Is Spotify listed under you firewall exeptions ? If not, please reach your firewall settings and allow the Spotify connection to go through.


In addition, and as it may help, please uncheck all options under "Local Files" settings on your app and close it.

Reopen and click all options back on.


Waiting on your update 😃

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