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Spotify won't pop up in the Control Panel

Spotify won't pop up in the Control Panel

I got a new harddrive a couple of days ago, and now that I have downloaded spotify, it won't pop up in the Control Panel. I'm unsure of what to do about this issue, since it does show up as an application in my Task Manager. Spotify doesn't seem to have a logo either when it's up and running, so I have no idea what went wrong under my download. What can I do to uninstall it if I can't do it through the Control Panel?

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If you got Spotify through the Windows/Microsoft Store then it is the 'App' version and not a win32 'Program' version.

The win32 Program will appear in the Control Panel, the App will not.
The App however WILL appear in:
Settings -> Apps -> Apps & features

where you can uninstall it.
You can also install/repair/update/uninstall from the windows store app itself.

My personal experience thus far is that when there are two variants the program version is better [has more features and is more useable in a desktop environment] than the app version of a piece of software. However this may not always be the case and your mileage may vary. If you are more familiar with the mobile version [which will be the app version] then you may be more comfortable with it.

Hope this is helpful.

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