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Spotify wont lauch

Spotify wont lauch




United States



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Windows 7


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I am trying to lauch Spotify on my windows desktop like I do everyday and it wont start. I tried to troubleshoot and the message I get is "Spotify is incompatible". What do I need to do?

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Hi there

try uninstalling and reinstalling


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Same Problem here since i updated it today Spotify wont open. Windows 7


Since i cant deinstall it (nothing, with spotify opens) i deletet the file and reinsatlled it. I tried with and without newstart. But nothing seems to work


After install he say "Spotify konnte nicht gestartet werden" (Spotify wont launch) Error code: 17

Thats strange sorry

Please like I am trying to get rockstar

Same here. It will not let me uninstall. Spotify is of no help.

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