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Spotify wont start

Spotify wont start

I am using spotify on windows 7 and in the last few days when I click the icon whether it is via the start menu or the desktop shotcut, the little circle appears as if starting up but then goes and nothing happens, nothing ever comes up, spotify itself, loading, egg timer. If I go to Task Manager spotify does not appear. Further more if I try to redownload spotify it does this but then doesn't install and simiarly if I go to control panel to try and uninstall the original spotify, it does the same thing as when opening it (the small circle for a few seconds then nothing)


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Having the same issue! Very frustrating. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and still nothing. The program is not running in task manager

Same problem on Windows 10!

At least you're not alone. I have the same issue. Hope they come up with a fix.

same issue here

Same issue, Windows 7.

I'm still having this issue, I haven't been able to open my desktop app in months and have resorted to using the web player. This is really annoying, and I would appreciate it if Spotify could at least acknowledge the issue...

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