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Start Spotify NOT in Browse/Discover?

Start Spotify NOT in Browse/Discover?

Do you enjoy getting content you don't want forced down your throat? Do you wish the Desktop App would not load into the propaganda of its Browse panel, and instead load whichever section you enjoy like Daily Mix or Radio or Recently Played?


Spotify is shamelessly pushing its own content and forcing us to swallow it on the Browse page. Please, let us have the Desktop App load into a panel we choose and not force pop garbage onto everyone.


The argument that Spotify is giving us "music suggestions" is not valid or appropriate if we are paying customers who do not want those suggestions. When loading, all that's ever shown is a wall of pop music marketing that I have no interest in. Is there any way not to be force-fed the Browse marketing machine when the desktop program loads?

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give us just the music.



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