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Static In Background of Songs

Static In Background of Songs



I have been using spotify for years now (since 2012 I believe) and am a bit of a music junkie so I love it for being able to listen to endless new music without paying much for it.  Unfortunately, lately I have been hearing static in the background of every song that I listen to (especially noticable on the silent parts).  It's even louder than static on my record player...


Things I have done to fix this:


   Tried different headphones.

   Tried two different computers. 

   Tried on my phone. 

   Tried outputting sound through car sterio.

   Tried listening on the web player.

   Turned off and on high quality streaming.

   Messed with equalizer.


I am a premium user, and have been for the whole time I've had spotify, and expect the bitrates that I pay for.  I really do like this service, but if this problem doesn't get fixed soon I will be forced to leave spotify and not give them another cent.


Spotify pls.


Also in-case it's the songs I'm listening to and not only my account, here is a song which it is very noticable on: If you go to any of the quieter parts the static is quite loud.  


Anyone have any thoughts?

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It's weird, it could be my sound set up (or my ears) but I can't hear any static on that track.

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Did you ever get a resolution here? Same exact thing just started happening to me a few days ago, and it is driving me CRAZY

I've been having this problem for a few days. The only solution I've been able to find is turning off the "offline use" switch on my Playlist and changing the quality to higher before downloading them again. The static is still there, but at least much quieter, and I hardly notice it on most songs. Hopefully we will get a real solution eventually.

I'm having this issue. I ended up buying new headphones because it sounded like they were broken. Spotify, this is really bad. Please help.

same issue, guess i'lll just discontinue my subscription if it doesn't clear up in a few days.

I've been having this problem on my PC, Using a Creative Soundblaster Zx and Logitech Z623 speakers. I'm getting this on quite a few songs, even after clearing my storage folder to make sure it wasn't corrupt.


Such as Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. It's super bad.

Till march 2017 static clicks all the time. One years with out problem. I finished the Free year and the static clicks appered. Terrible.

I just started noticing it today on mine.  Just bought a new Bluetooth speaker thinking I had blown my other.  Now I can see it’s a Spotify issue.  Fix please.  Thanks.

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