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System mistaking *new, different versions* for duplicates

System mistaking *new, different versions* for duplicates

Here is an issue that is becoming problematic for artists.
In order to avoid duplicates, similar releases may be merged (w/ the old release being the top version).

The problem is that the system is now mistaking *new, different versions of songs* for duplicates. Say a new single contains three tracks (the first two are new, and the third one is old). Because of similar audio and metadata, linking may automatically occur.

When that happens, the new release is hidden! It is still searchable and playable, but it will not show in the browser version of Spotify in the "Popular" and "Singles & EP" sections. It will only appear as "1 More Release" within the top version on one's artist profile in the desktop app. That's what I mean by hidden! Hard to properly release a new single that way!

It makes more sense to make the new version (a "radio mix", for instance) the top version, and it is possible.

On Tuesday, May 28th 2019, I did receive this reply from Lorenzo of the Spotify Artist Support team: "We've reached out to the right team and they've made Bound to Win - Remastered Radio Remix the top version of the track. You should now see it listed under the Popular section of your artist profile. ref:_00DD0pxIW._5002o26qvAL:ref"

It is common for maxi-singles, remix EPs, etc. to feature brand-new mixes + at least one old version. When linking occurs, it becomes problematic. There is a difference between a true duplicate and two similar but different mixes.


And artists should not be forced to take down content (in order to avoid linking) if they need to promote a new version of a song, a maxi-single, etc. If it's frustrating and problematic for me, it must be so for others.

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This single and this maxi-single have one track in common but were not merged:

It's the way it should be, but the system makes mistakes on some occasions.

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