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The app has quit working on Windows 8.1.

The app has quit working on Windows 8.1.

The app used to work no problems. Now it begins to open i.e. meaning the window opens with menu bar across the top but the rest of the window is black and none of the familiar interface ever loads. There is a constant chiming sound as if a error is occurring but no explanation ever shows to explain what is happening.

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Hey  @vjmescall


That's not cool!


I need to know a bit of background on this:
Is your Windows session coming from some network drive/server? There is a currently investigated issue with Windows machines that have roaming profiles (explanation: you can log into your Windows profile on any computer).


It's good to have Spotify installed on your computer's local drive.

So far I recommend trying a clean reinstall:

Uninstall Spotify;

go to %appdata% and remove any instances of Spotify from local and roaming;

restart computer


You can try running the app as admin.
It's also recommended making sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

There are also people moving their Spotify folders out of %appdata%. I know Spotify works from a flash drive. I haven't tried how it works elsewhere though.

Let me know what happens 🙂

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