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The desktop app lies to you when hiding a song on the release radar

The desktop app lies to you when hiding a song on the release radar







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

For over a year now my release radar has been including unknown artists that I never listen to. So I use the included "hide" feature which displays the following message "Got it. Next time, we won't recommend songs like that in release radar". That is an outright lie. I have one artist in particular that I've hidden their songs on every release radar yet every Friday one of their songs is on my list. This has been going on for over a year now. The hide feature clearly does not do what is stated in the message when using it. Can the inaccurate message be corrected? Or better yet, can the hide feature be changed to work how the app says it should?

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Using desktop Spotify. For atleast 5 weeks now, possibly 7 or more, I've been clicking the -/Remove option next to the same artist that I don't want to listen to in the Release Radar playlist. The artist is STILL suggested with different songs each time. What is even the point of the Remove option if it doesn't work?

Hi there @Forbidden-Orc 


Thank you for reaching out about this in the Community!


The Hide feature should prevent you from getting similar suggestions, but it doesn't always guarantee that the hidden artist from that week won't be shown again. The best best way not to see recommendations for a particular artists is to block them from their artist page. To do this, go to their Artist page > Click the 3-dot menu > Don't play this

This way all content from that artist will be blocked. This doesn't include content on which they're a featured artist. 


Hope this helps.



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Like many people, I listen to a lot of Christmas music in the month of December. Also like many people, I stop listening to it when Christmas is over. However, every week now for months, I've had new music from Bing Crosby or Burl Ives or some other Christmas staple in my Release Radar. Every time they show up, I click the remove from playlist button. Still they show up. I do not care about these artists at all. I do not follow them. I even have a couple Christmas playlists, and they aren't even in them. Please, for god's sake, just give me normal music.

I am literally going to cancel my Spotify subscription if you absolute lunatics don't stop putting Bing Crosby and Burl ****** Ives in my ******* Release Radar every week. This is driving me insane. I follow dozens of artists and almost none of the people in my RR every week are artists I follow, and you be SURE none of the ones I follow are BING CROSBY OR BURL IVES.

Thank you for this workaround. While it is marginally helpful, it doesn't acknowledge that the release radar (and discover weekly) "Remove" buttons are fundamentally broken.


> The Hide feature should prevent you from getting similar suggestions


It absolutely does not.

Hello Alex,


This is not a solution, specially when you consider the fact that doing what you described can only be done on the mobile app. I shouldn't have to pull out my phone to use one of Spotify's functions...  The fact is that the hide feature message that pops-up is an outright lie. I posted this issue almost 1 year ago and nothing has changed. There's a handful of artists that are on my release radar every single week even though I've hidden their songs every time. If you are unwilling to make the hide feature actually do what it states it does, then at the very least you could update the message so that it is not a lie.


I love Spotify, I listened to 67,000 minutes of music last year alone. But I do not understand your unwillingness to let users control what is recommended to them. This app could be so much better, I've seen post after post from people with complaints similar to this. Spotify clearly does not care or want to make these changes.


Thank you.


Today I noticed that your "solution" does not actually work. I went on my mobile app and marked Tom MacDonald as a "Do not play" artist months ago. Today, he was recommended on my discover weekly and when I checked my mobile app, he is still listed as a do not play artist. Can Spotify PLEASE allow users to control their own music. I am very close to unsubscribing because of all these issues.

Thank you.

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