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Tired of necessity to restart HTTP settings every day

Tired of necessity to restart HTTP settings every day







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My Question or Issue

I am tired of the necessity to every day morning restarting Spotify 2 times. When I come to comupter in Windows, simply no music is played. I've elaborated that change the advanced settings HTPP options helps. First I am changing it to something wrong + update/restart, after that to the ok + update/restart and suddenly, the music works. Can you do something about it to do not have to restart Spotify 2 times every day.

P.S. Turning off or not using Spotify in between on my Macintosh at home does not help. I tried it several times.


3 Replies

Hey there @gentlestone,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


I would have to ask you for a bit more info in order to try and help out:

- How long has this been happening for?

- Can you explain what you mean by "no music is played"? Does the app open at all, and if so, what happens when you're trying to play a song?

- Please provide the Spotify version you're using

- Device + OS version?


Hope this isn't much to ask 😃

Waiting on your update.

It's Desktop on Windows 7.

There is no Spotify Version anywhere, at least I don't see any.

>From the very beginning of using Spotify on my Windows (approximately from February this year "no music is played" probably because there is no internet connection.

The two restarts I was describing solves the problem, but it's annoying. I'm using auto detect Proxy. So the firstly I change the setting to No Proxy and after the restart back to auto detect.

Hey @gentlestone,

thanks for the update !


You can locate the version of your Spotify app by clicking on the three-dot menu in the top left corner of the app > Help > About Spotify


Something important to keep in mind is that Spotify don't support proxy which would explain why your experiencing difficulties with the app.

Using another type of connection will have the app work perfectly.


Have a great day 😃

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