Unable to remove "grayed out" local files in "Songs"


Unable to remove "grayed out" local files in "Songs"



Operating System



My Question or Issue:

With the recent update allowing you to add your own local files alongside content that is hosted by spotify's servers, I've been adding local files to my "Songs" library. If I want to change the title of the song/metadata, it grays out the song in my library like this: 

 However when I go to remove this grayed out song, the little checkmark that turns into an X does not remove the song. Now I have several grayed out titles that I'm unable to remove in my library and it's frustrating. Can we get an update to remedy this? 


I understand that this whole "upload your local files alongside your streaming content" is new, and I understand there will be hiccups and bugs. I hope this gets fixed soon! Thanks!