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Unavailable song in liked songs

Unavailable song in liked songs



In my liked songs playlist I have a song which has become unavailable, so whenever I start to play my liked songs playlist, it will come up with an error that "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it.", I also can't remove it from my liked songs playlist, which is what I wanted to do.


How can I remove this song from my playlist?



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Hi @floorrr


To remove a song form your Liked Songs playlist, you just need to unclick the heart button.

If you're using desktop, you can do the same, or you can go to "Liked Songs", click the three dots and choose "Remove from your Liked Songs" (see screenshot). 


HI admin,

Any reason for this issue. Because that song is the song that i want to play it all time and why after the update the song become unavailable.  


Oh, one more issue i find out that almost all song before year 2006 cannot be find in mobile spotify library but can be find thru spotify web player. At the end it still mark as unable to to play.


Hi @singh83


This can happen if licensing agreements with the artist/labels, or ownership of rights, has changed. Availability can vary between countries as well.

Unfortunately, this is something that Spotify doesn't have control over as the availability is up to the individual music companies and artists. 


If the songs are greyed out, this means they're not available at the moment. 

Hopefully the songs you're looking for will reappear soon!

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