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Username suddenly changed from my name to a mess of letters and numbers

Username suddenly changed from my name to a mess of letters and numbers


Windows 10 PC


My Question or Issue

My spotify account was created a long time ago through Facebook, I never had an issue with my username, it was set as my actual name, and my profile pic was the same as my facebook. (depicted in second photo)

However, for some reason, recently my username out of the blue changed to that mess of random characters in the first screenshot (using spotify web browser to double check). the thing is, when I press view account, it leads me to the second screenshot, which has a different profile picture!

I have tried logging out/logging in/deleting and reinstalling spotify and my account various times, nothing works. I know for sure they are both connected to the same facebook account. whats going on?

2 Replies

Hey there @user-removed,

thanks for posting in the community !


It seems you might have a slight connectivity issue.

Please reach you account page online and click "Sign Out Everywhere".

After that, enter your FB page and check the Spotify permissions on your settings page.

Make sure it's all set to the right and full opt between the two.


Log back in to your accounts using the desired details and give it up to 24hrs to sync.


Hope this helps 😃


 @OneByBoo, have done so, the

FB permission settings do not seem an issue, logged out on all spotify accounts. Logged back in to spotify, no change, my username is still the randomized one.

Any other suggestions?

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