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View list of Artists/Friends that I'm following?

View list of Artists/Friends that I'm following?

How can I see a list of Artists/Friends that I am following? 

Also, how can I see a list of friends that are following me?

I am using Desktop app in Windows 10. 

I tried looking up these questions at the Spotify help site (under "Follow friends and artists"). However, it did not answer the first question, and the answer under "How do I see who's following me?" did not work (may be outdated?).

This seems like a basic functionality that should be available and obvious. It seems like this was available in past versions of the app?


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Hey @RussOsborn, help's here. 


You'll find both followers and people following from your profile page in the app. Just click on your username/name on the top-right, and you should see the tabs 'Followers' and 'Following'. 


If that doesn't help, make sure the app is up-to-date and check again. Send us a screenshot if it's not appearing.


All the best! 🙂


Thanks, Jemi. That did the trick! (I had been clicking on the drop-down
triangle to the right of my name instead of on my name itself.) 🙂

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