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Volume keys not working - Spotify Connect on WiFi - Windows 10

Volume keys not working - Spotify Connect on WiFi - Windows 10


I have a new Lenovo ThinkPad and the volume keys (incl mute) don't change the volume on my stereo when using Spotify Connect on Wifi.  When I toggle volume keys up/down the Windows volume appears to be changing (ie the W10 pop-up slides up/down) but doesn't seem to do anything in Spotify (ie the Spotify Connect Volume slider doesn't move).  It doesn't seem to make any difference if I am in the Spotify App or have it running in the background.


The volume keys work fine when playing through the Laptop speakers and tested fine on my Bose bluetooth speaker.


Appreciate any advice or similar experiences.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 6th Gen - Windows 10 Home.


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Hey @casperwoolly, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Thanks for letting us know. In this case, can you try restarting your WiFi connection and try one more time?


If it's still the same, would it be possible for you to connect a mobile device to your stereo using Spotify Connect? 


Keep us posted.

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Hi Julian,

Mobile devices work fine without a glitch. 


I've tried connecting the ThinkPad on a different wifi network, now connecting to a Bose SoundTouch 4 (instead of my Marantz) and still have the same issue.  All via Spotify Connect on WiFi.


Noting that my wife's Macbook Pro works fine.  Just not the Lenovo on W10 😞  Might be a setting in the background somewhere??


I'll attempt to post a video of what is happening.




Hey @casperwoolly.


Thanks for getting back to us with this information.


This is expected behaviour when you're using Spotify Connect. As the audio output is in no way linked to your laptop's system volume, lowering it doesn't influence your stereo's volume.


In this case, you'll need to lower the stereo's volume manually, or using a remote controller if possible.


All the best.

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