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WORKAROUND FOUND: Mouse Back Button Shortcut Not Working


WORKAROUND FOUND: Mouse Back Button Shortcut Not Working

In previous versions, you were able to use the back and forward buttons on your mouse to go back and forth between pages, just like on an internet browser. Recent Spotify update broke this.


If you have a mouse that can set customized key strokes for specific apps then set up a custom key stroke like this for the Spotify desktop app.


Back button: Alt + Left Arrow (or, “Ctrl + [“ )

Forward button: Alt + Right Arrow (or, “Ctrl + ]” )


Edit: another user found that if you hover your mouse in the top of the screen, the back button on the mouse may work. 



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X-Mouse button control is a freeware program which allows you to re-program standard mouse buttons for any application. Worked great for me for handling this one. 

Looks like its working again, maybe its really solved now. Please confirm.

i Can confirm that for me too, it has randomly started working.... must have been some sort of a software update on their end.

Fingers crossed they won't mess with it again!!!

Did I imagine it working for some time was this still broken?
Like, for me it's broken *now*, devs please ❤️
(Running Spotify on Arch Linux)

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