Web Player (Chrome) Skipping Songs on Work Computer Only


Web Player (Chrome) Skipping Songs on Work Computer Only







HP Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

So we recently got new laptops at work now my spotify continues to skip songs after a few seconds. 


Things to note:

1. I have searched up and down for a solution on these blogs and nothing I have found has worked.

2. I noticed that the first time I used the web player after getting the new laptop everything worked fine until I shut my device down.

3. I have uninstalled Google Chrome and reinstalled it only to have the player do the same thing after restarting my device.

4. Everything works as it should on my phone.

5. YES, I have cleared my cache and cookies...

6. I have seen some solutions mention deleting the account and make a new one but I'm not sure how to do this without losing my playlists. 

7. I cannot use the desktop app as this is my work computer.

8. I am ready to give up and go back to Pandora...PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!

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Casual Listener

Currently happening to me too..... Tried pretty much the same thing.. Though it happens when I listen from my Iphone as well...