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When selecting a song or playlist the music will skip repeatedly

When selecting a song or playlist the music will skip repeatedly








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Windows 10


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Every time I click a song the song skips repeatedly. For example, in a playlist each song will be listed for less than a second before moving to the next one. 


Yes, I've restarted and logged out then in. The only temporary fix I've found is to, while the songs are skipping, change my playback device to a different one then default. Restart Spotify. Play a song for a second and hear it come out of the wrong device. Then switch it back to the old default device. This only works until restart.


This is strange as the correct device is default, and shouldn't really affect the skipping function.

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Hey @coogy
There's a simple solution. Try updating the sound drivers and if they are already updated try to disable and enable them. If that doesn't work reply and I'll gladly help you find the solution.

If it works please give this thumbs up and accept as a solution.

This fixes it to the extent of my prior fix. It works when I disable them. Restart Spotify. Then reenable them mid song, but a restart puts it right back to where it was before. Also just to add spotify had been working fine for years prior to this, and this just started yesterday.

And to clarify they were up to date.

So obviously the problem is in the sound driver, so I don't know but try to reinstall them if that's possible

Seems strange to me that it would just pop up out of nowhere and be the drivers fault. Especially since it works perfectly fine for everything outside of Spotify. I'll reinstall tho. 

I had the same problem tho when I disabled sound driver and it would just start skipping songs

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