Where is the Queue???

Where is the Queue???


What I REALLY want to do is play one song. That's it. Choose a song and play it. Too much to ask? A bizarre request? Well, not to me.

Someone advised right-clicking to "Add to Queue". Ok - then what? Where is this "Queue"?

For a world-conquering outfit like Spotify, the Spotify Windows player is unbeliveably basic and bad - where are the EQ settings for instance?

Why does it unconditionally trap function key presses and thus stop other applications from working properly?

We all hate web sites that auto-play some other junk video after we've seen the first one, yet this is how Spotify is designed: to play, play, play without stopping. Yes, yes, playlists playlists, but why must I go to all that hassle to play, when I want to, just one song, without having to rush for the off switch as soon as it stops?

And why does it seems to "install" itself every time I run it?

Spotify is the most featureless and basic Windows music player ever.


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Hey @jasjas


I understand it can be confusing, let me help you by explaining a few things. 🙂


I suggest reading this article about the Queue feature, it has useful information on what is possible to do with it.
The feature exists in the web player as well, where the layout looks similar to what's on the desktop.

Spotify doesn't have its own EQ settings for the desktop app. If you have an iPad/iPhone or Android, they have the EQ - read this for more information.

For desktop, users recommend the paid Equalify Pro software or free Equalizer APO software.
There are other software available as well as Windows' own equalizer. 🙂

Spotify installing itself every time it's started sounds a little fishy to me. Have you made sure the file/shortcut is not for the Spotify installer? The normal Spotify icon should be present in your Start menu.


If you have more questions, feel free to reply! 🙂

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