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Why does Spotify on PC suck so bad?

Why does Spotify on PC suck so bad?






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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I'm just here to complain about Spotify on PC in vain hopes that they might one day make it a good app. No app on my PC has ever given me such trouble. It crashes, stops playing music randomly, pauses my music randomly, won't load anything within the app like "home", settings, and even my DOWNLOADED playlists. If I ever try to solve these problems myself by closing the app and trying to reopen it, it will not work. All I get is an error. Spotify, fix your broken app so I can use the service that I pay you money for.

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Trying to act like it's not a Spotify problem, it's a user problem? Please. Have someone in dev fix this garbage. Been garbage for years. No reason the web app should work so much better than the desktop version. Garbage. No excuses.

it's not an issue on our end, stop acting like there's anything we're doing wrong here. Fix this garbage. Show some accountability.

The worst part about this is every time I search for solutions for the plethora of problems with this app, uninstall and reinstall is suggested. It seems like I'm doing a clean uninstall at least once a month these days because I've been having increasingly more problems with the app. It seems to get worse every time instead of better.

I'm afraid I have to agree with this. Since the introduction of the v1 interface, things have just got progressively and dratsically worse. It's actually kind of impressive.


The app has lost useful features (like Discover). The interface is now terrible to navigate. The search functionality is constantly breaking (just shows a blank screen). It's slow, bulky, and resource hungry. What was once a joy to use, has turned into a chore.


Seriously. Sort it out, Spotify! It might be time to start exploring alternative music streaming services.

Hi derv, 


I found a solution from another post and it really helped with Spotify on my iMac. Here is the link. it might. help you too if you are still experiencing the same issue. My Spotify performance improved drastically. Here is the link:



100% agree. Back in the days the UI of Winamp was awesome. Now with Spotify it's horrific. Can't understand how a massive company can do such a terrible job.

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your replies and feedback.


It would be great if you can be more specific about what you're experiencing to that we can help you better with answers on our end.


We'll keep an eye out for your replies.


Take care!

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The Spotify app is a bad software (especially the desktop version). Spotify just doesn't want to admit it. If you ask me, I'd say the whole thing needs a major overhaul... and I mean the demolish-completely-and-rebuild kind of overhaul. Nearly all of the crashes and bugs that occur are completely not the user's fault. The programming of the software just sucks.

That is true 

another thing is I'm having stupid difficulties with the phone app

it doesn't play songs in order and also keeps playing suggested songs on playlists I have personally made? 

Agreed - it's a total POS...for ALL of the reasons you cited.  My biggest point of pain is its frequent refusal to start playing the music you've queued up.

Honestly, just use google chrome to make a shortcut to the spotify webplayer, it will be nearly indistinguishable from a native app and wont crash cause its not cobbled together with hopes and dreams in CEF.

open spotify in the browser, go to chrome options, more tools, create shortcut. check open as window and pin your new window to the taskbar. (if it doesnt do it the first time try again- its a bit jank).


Honestly, I don't know who designed the app, but its just AWFUL.
 It´s counterintuitive, slow, takes forever to load and it typically wont open on the first try.

The new features such as the play button being automatically hidden just make the experience a lot worse than before, I find my self constantly trying to change a song and the thing will just hide again, every time, I have to make like 20 moves just to get to a song I want to hear.

It also seems as if all of the options were hidden on purpose, every time I want to look for something on the app I have to go through all of the menus because its not well orginized and it confuses people, nothing is where you think it should be and there really are no options apart from opening and reviewing everything which takes time. Oh, it also randomly starts playing music sometimes...

One would think Spotify would know how to design an app.

The spotify webapp is just horrible. H O R I B L E. Thanks.

Writing to reply I've had Spotify for PC for 5 years now and it's never really worked consistently. Pretty epic sh*thole of a problem. Why is it on the user to manage the hygiene of their cache? that's absurd.


It always times out, I see black screen with no results, not even my downloaded content or stuff that seems it would be cached. I have hardwired ethernet and fast speeds. It's great when it works between phone and computer switching seamlessly but the pc app has been worthy of an a stage startup beta testing its software for years now. Pretty pathetic. I would assume mobile users take priority for profit reasons.

I have been using Spotify since 2016, and every PC I have used it on has problems. It usually takes 15 minutes to start. I have uninstalled and re-installed, and cleared the cache, but this only temporarily fixes the issue. I have an Android, a Mac and my wife's iPhone, and those have always worked fine. The PC version is, and always has been annoying **bleep**. I bought a new PC a few years ago because Spotify was running so poorly, but that did nothing to solve the problem. This is definitely the worst app I have EVER used. Last week, it just refused to even start, so I re-installed, and that worked for a day. Back to slow **bleep** again.

Four years later and Spotify's web app is still crippling my fully capable gaming/3d modeling rig!

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