Why is my spotify often so slow?


Why is my spotify often so slow?


I open spotify, let it load for a bit and when I try to search for an artist, the whole program lags ridiculously. Won't let me search, and when it does search, loads them so slowly. Albums for the artist take several minutes to load and then they stream very poorly.

The internet is not the problem as every website works quickly and youtube loads very quick.


Why is my spotify so slow and laggy? I have the latest public version, Windows 8. Restarting it doesn't help the issue. I often have to wait it out a couple hours.

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Thanks! Worked like a charm! 😄


Just to be clear, I think it's great there are those of you in the community trying to help with these issues. However, I have to believe at this point that the problems with the app will only ever be solved by the Spotify devs, who have been pretty silent. I've tried literally every single solution on these forums and others and at best they help for a few days and the app then returns to the same sluggish behavior as always. Every time. There's something fundamentally wrong with the way the app works and until that is fixed, these issues are going to continue. The problem is that this thread is years old now and literally nothing has changed. 


I honestly really, really want to use Spotify as my main music streaming service, but just can't pay for something that the devs clearly have no interest in fixing. 😞 It's a real shame, too, because Spotify is otherwise fantastic.




It's just a big joke how I can't use the app ! Really too bad because Spotify is really an excellent platform... It could be the best without this problem. It's very frustrating.


I'm on MacOS Sierra. 10.12.4.


Come on Devs ! Show us what Nerds are made of ! 😉  



Come on Spotify, this is getting ridiculous.... Premium user and no music experience, because of lags.... kindly fix it or pay back.



I have been having this problem for months on windows desktop. Have tried unlinking local files which didn't work. Deleting Storage, Data and Browser folders did work once, until i restarted my laptop then it was back to the slow load up and 'browse' taking atleast 20 minutes to load and search just as bad.

filistinys solution of unchecking 'Enable Hardware Acceleration' did seem to make a difference but now after a couple restarts im back to the same old thing of Browse, Searching, Charts etc taking atleast 20 minutes to load every time i open spotify. 


For me this did not help (version on Windows 10).
However removing local-files.bnk and player-state (somewhere) under %AppData%\Roaming\Spotify did the trick


I'm having the same issues, it takes forever to load on Windows 10.  I've tried all suggestions plus uninstalling/reinstalling with no luck.  This shouldn't be an issue for a "premium" service.


Same here. I know it's not a device thing because exactly the same thing happens on my Windows Machine as it does on my Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Phone. 


Open Spotify > Search/Your Songs/Friend Activity Spinner > 10 minutes later I can view music. I can still listen to music when this is loading, provided I have something paused from my last session.

I'm guessing it's probably because i've maxed out my 10,000 song limit (which is ridiculous in itself) and have several large playlists. 


I tried to disenable Spotify while starting my PC (msconfig-> system start). But that didn't work out because after every update it enabled in that list by itself.
Now I noticed that there are two spotify apps that are disenabled and one is enabled. So I thought it would be better if alle spotify apps are running for full performance. And now it works MUCH faster. Maybe I could help anyone of you with my 'instructions' 🙂


If you have a lot of own music/ local files, you should try subsonic.


I can't believe I am dealing with an issue that was commented on years and years ago. The solution in this thread has not fixed my problem. 


The search bar function is sporadic. Navigating from page to page takes insanely long, if the page loads at all. 

This is on the desktop app, Mac, OS 10.11.6

Thank you for this. This is the solution for me, a W10 user


Did what stej01  said but to no effect. However it inspired me to dig deeper (thank you stej01 ). This is what I did next and worked for me:

/Library/Application Support/Spotify/PersistentCache/Storage/(deleted everything inside here)
/Library/Application Support/Spotify/PersistentCache/Users/yourusername-user/


Nonetheless this is not acceptable, especially when you have a paid subscription. If this persists, I will move away to another service.



Second path incomplete. Correct one: /Library/Application Support/Spotify/PersistentCache/Users/yourusername-user/(deleted everything inside)


Just adding my two cents worth. I am also a premium Spotify member and am seriously considering canceling due to the ridiculously slow performance of the app. It often will endlessly spin and not load my library or playlist.

Pathetic performance in this day and age.


Does ur fix only work on desktop? I'm bad w computer s and I didn't see anything on my tablet like what u described. Pls help!


This is ridiculous- Spotify is almost un-usable on desktop (PC)... it is so ridiculously slow. And like others, I tried several fixes, one of which worked for about a day but it's back to being slow. Can't believe I pay for this **bleep**. 


Yes, unfortunately the solution I posted was only for windows/mac. In terms of a tablet, it could either be the app or your tablet - ensure you have the latest up-to-date version of the app, ensure you don't have loads of background apps running and close apps you're not using.


If it's down to the app (which it could be), only thing I can think to suggest is to go into settings (go to Your Library, then to the cog symbol, should be top right) and clear cache and saved data. This will clear your settings but won't affect your account (playlists, followed songs/artists etc.)


There isn't really many settings in terms of the performance of the app, asides from the stream quality settings.


If all else fails, try asking @Spotifycares on twitter regarding the tablet app.

Hope this helps!


FIX THIS PERMANENTLY!!!!  This has been an issue since 2016 before I was a user.  If it continues I won't be a user much longer.


Why on earth do Spotify refuse to acknowledge blatant bugs like this?

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