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Why is my username a number?

Why is my username a number?




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Since three weeks or so, my username is just a series of numbers. I do have Facebook and it's still connected to Spotify. Why is my normal username not visible anymore? My picture has also disappeared.


Updating, did not work
Other device, did not work

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Hey @Legawien84


Logging out and back in should fix this issue. 🙂


Also, if your Spotify account wasn't made with Facebook, you can try disconnecting and reconnecting Facebook from your account. See this article on how to!


Let me know how it goes!


Thanks for your answer. I already tried logging off and on, not working. It's a problem on different devices and also in the browser player, so I don't think that's it.
I did in fact create my account with my Facebook (when Spotify just started there was no option to create an account without it), so I also cannot try that. Any other ideas?



I also have the same issue in this case then.


You can change your profile picture easily in the desktop client:

1. go to your profile

2. hover over your profile picture which should dim a bit and show a 'Change' text

3. click on it, pick Change from the dropdown menu

4. choose something you like. It must be a .jpeg or .jpg.


I'll ask around about the name issue. 🙂



I asked about the name issue. 🙂


This issue happens when the connection between Facebook and Spotify gets broken for some reason.
It happens when the user closes Facebook account or removes the Spotify app from the list of apps in Facebook settings. If this happened, you'll need to make a new Spotify account to restore this.


It can also happen when you have limited permissions for Spotify in the same place (Facebook settings). You can take a look at the permissions if you click on 'View and Edit' on Spotify app. Any changes you do will take a few days to work. 🙂



If you've opted out from Spotify processing your Facebook data, it will also result in Spotify clients showing your numerical username instead of your Facebook name.
You can check this setting on your Spotify account.

(this was the cause for me)


Let me know how it goes!

Thank you, Sebasty, I see I did indeed opt out from Spotify processing my Facebook data. I'll wait a few days and check whether it worked!
Will let you know.

Hey @Legawien84.


Just wanted to see how you're getting on and if you managed to resolve your issue with the help of @Sebasty's answer 🙂


Keep us posted!


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