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[Win10][BugReport] Speaker Icon disappears using Playlist Folder. (and annoying "bug")

[Win10][BugReport] Speaker Icon disappears using Playlist Folder. (and annoying "bug")

So reporting a bug without authority seems impossible on your boards. I'll  just post here and you can forward to whatever section. 



We use over 100 different playlists at my workplace, we decided to try out the folder option, but this is annoying all of us. 


1. Open Playlist Folder

2. Double Tap a playlist to play music

3. Close Playlist Folder

4. Speaker icon disappears from that Playlist Folder

5. You have no idea which Playlist Folder is being played.


Need a Speaker icon to tell which Playlist Folder is being played through. 



1. The Speaker icon assigned to active playlist disappears when double tapping a folder to Shuffle Playlist Folder.


Most simple solution is to turn the white Playlist Folder Arrow to green when folder is active.



1. Speaker icon missing next to active playlist when using shuffle Folder Playlist (doubletap folder) 


Show speaker icon even if multiple playlists are queued. Highlight active the song green, just as if it's being played from single playlist.

I mean, the song is playling, so it should obviously be highlighted green right?




The most annoying bug is that double tapping a Playlist Folder opens the option to rename playlist. It's really annoying. 


Give me authority to report bugs and I'll pass you the rest of the bugs on my list. 

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