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Windows 10 - Spotify can't play this right now.

Windows 10 - Spotify can't play this right now.








PC with nextDrive SpectraX and Behringer UPHORIA UMC204HD

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro


My Question or Issue

Hi everyone. For two days now I can't play anything on Spotify. Anything at all. Whether if I am trying to stream or play offline, everything gives out the message "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it.". All other devices do indeed play using the Spotify App on my home network. The desktop also allows me to play from the browser version. Here is what I tried so far:


1) Uninstalled and installed Spotify (both standard client and Microsoft Store App)

2) Played around with audio devices (plugged them all out, tried once at a time)

3) Cleaned sys32/drivers/etc/hosts file

4) Disabled and re-enabled Hardware Acceleration


At this point, I can't think of anything else to do. Do you guys have any idea how to fix this? It was fine a few days ago and now I can't play anything. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @okandemirbaykal, welcome to the Community!


This looks like it could be an issue with your proxy/firewall. I would suggest disabling your proxy. To do this, navigate to Edit > Preferences (Ctrl+P), scroll down and click 'Show Advance Settings' and in the 'Proxy Type' dropdown, select 'No Proxy'.


If this doesn't work, make sure that Spotify is not being blocked by your firewall. Search 'Allow an app through Windows Firewall' and make sure that 'Spotify' or 'spotify.exe' is allowed for all networks.


Let me know how it goes!

Hey @Jollof

I do not use a proxy service and it is disabled in Spotify's settings too. I did indeed check the Windows firewall settings and Spotify has full access. The issue remains.

Hey @okandemirbaykal.


Thanks for getting back to us, and apologies for the delay in replying!


Could you try another account (either creating a new one or using a friend or family member's) and see if the issue remains? 


If it does, get back to us and we'll see what we can suggest next.


Keep us posted 🙂

I've also been having the same issue and have tried all the suggested solutions....

I have Tried all the Above with no results.

For anyone still having this issue.


Only thing that worked for me was changing the soundcard settings on my machine.


I run a high bitrate, so I dropped mine down to 44.1k which let me play music. Then I just put my bitrate back to what it was which let music play still.


Control Panel -> Sound -> Select your soundcard and hit properties -> Advanced


I also unchecked "Allow applications to take exclusive control" which may/may not have helped.

A solution that worked for me

I downloaded the newest driver (UMC Driver 4.59.0 (for Windows 7 to 10)) specifically for my Behringer UMC204HD 192k from their website -

I have two monitors hooked on my behringer interface, it was not a network connection problem, nor proxy etc.. for me it was the drivers that were necessary to install. 

this worked for me too. At the time I'm writing, there are two driver versions that are more recent but I think they don't play nice with Spotify. I'm using Windows 11.

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