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(Windows App) - Recently Played (Random Songs) Are NOT Registered!

(Windows App) - Recently Played (Random Songs) Are NOT Registered!

(Plan: Premium / Operating System: Windows 11)

There is an extremely annoying way that Spotify doesn't register or remember a random song that drives me nuts with the Windows App!

For example: Let's say I play a specific song. When it's is over, Spotify plays a recommended song, randomly. After that, I listen to another song. BUT... if I want to come back and listen to this random recommended song again... I can't! There is no way for me to play this recommended song again, even if I click on the "Previous" button! And if I check my "Recently Played" list... it's the same problem: there is nothing except the songs I recently played, only my specific songs.

Now, if I open your Spotify application on my Android... I can see this random suggested song in my "Recently Played" list! There is definitely a problem with your Windows application and this extremely annoying problem needs to be fixed!

Also, can you PLEASE add an option to REMOVE a specific song in the "Recently Played" list? Sometimes, I don't want to show some of my recently played songs to my friends - which is a major privacy policy problem that you don't apply to your Windows application for some really strange reason.

Thank you for reading me.

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