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[Windows] Likes not showing up

[Windows] Likes not showing up

The currently playing song is already liked but when I click on the title and it shows the album view, no songs are liked there.
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Hi @brianelete

Sometimes this happens when there are multiple versions of the same song on Spotify. I cannot answer why it takes you to the album with the version you don't have liked, but you are not alone in experiencing it. It also is the case for some of my liked songs.


To clarify, is this happening with only a few songs, or with all of them?

Hey, thanks for the reply. It happens randomly, I think it is a small amount of songs, but in this case I have 2-3 songs liked form an album and no songs show as liked in the album view. I clicked the now playing title so it should take me to the exact album and version the songs in. I get the problem with multiple versions of songs but this should not be a user facing issue. Good UI/UX should fix this. Thanks again, I hope this issue gets adressed ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey @brianelete

I wish I could help more, but there's not much I can do.

I found an Idea in the Idea Exchange that would fix this problem. It is linked in this post.


See how the Idea Exchange works here.





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