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Windows Player Stuck offline

Windows Player Stuck offline

The latestest version just totally screwed my machine up. For some reason it would go offline after taking forever to load, and somehow would reset my connection to the internet on my machine. My remote desktop (work) would disconnect and then spotify would go into offline mode. After that my connection to the internet would come on and be fine after I shut down spotify. I have tried with both my Ethernet and wifi connection and its the same result. I spent 4 hours on chat and they just had me uninstall and reinstall in safemode. That made loging in screw up. It would hang and the log-in screen. I eventually got it past that point but im back at the offline. I have made no changed to my machine or any apps since the install. Im paying for something i cant use. This is the main way I use it and the web app is just not going to work. I need an easy way to pause and such and I usually have a ton of tabs open for work. 

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Hey, @steveOGallagher -


Can you tell us what's your device model, OS, and Spotify version are you on? 


I'll be here waiting for your reply 🙂


Windows 10 64bit

I just DL the latest version of Spotify from the site. My system is mostly ASUS. x-99 1155 v-2, asus 1070 strix, asus essence stx II pci, 16GB ram, m.2 ssd... Nothing too crazy. Like I said everything was working perfect until it launched and did the latest update and since then its been a nightmare. 

Hey, @steveOGallagher -


Sorry for the inconvienence; You can try out the following steps below: 


  • Turn your WiFi off. Wait for 30 seconds, then switch it back on.
  • Restart your router.
  • Close any apps you’re not using. 
  • Check if your firewall (if you use one) has Spotify set as an exception.
  • Try it with a different WiFi network. If it works with another connection, we recommend contacting the service provider of the original network for more information.


Also, your issue is now being looked into by Spotify:


Please vote for it so we can get it fixed 🙂


Thank you 🙂


I already did all that.. In my intital post I said I tried it on wifi and hardwire. The program itself will disable all my connections when it connects, then say it cant connect and then all my connections will come back on. After a complete uninstall and install in safemode it will not try and connect but just keep going into offline mode. My Bitdefender has the program added to it to allow all, my router has been reset. Spotify has been no help. 3 hours just for them to tell me to install in safemode.. then tell me the same thing when i get back on from installing. Then they tell me to email them info and they do nothing with it. They tell me, they are looking in to it and it has been over a week. The only email I got back was nonsense from them. I really like the interface and all my music is saved but there are other alternatives.

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