[Windows] Shuffle Play Doesn't Play Local Files

[Windows] Shuffle Play Doesn't Play Local Files






Razer Blade 15

Operating System

Windows 10 


My Question or Issue

 I recently transfered to a new laptop and copied my local files over so I can play them either on my phone or laptop. Almost every time I got to a playlist with local files and shuffle play, Spotify says it cannot play the song. The song plays fine if I manually select it. I have tried recreating the issue on my phone but it seems to work fine there. 
When the song cannot be played, it only lets me know after the timebar has gone for ~4 seconds. The progress bar either continues with no sound (Windows) or will restart the song with sound (Mobile). 
It should be noted that the offline songs are on a different drive that what spotify is downloaded on and I have turned hardware acceleration off. 
Has anyone experienced this before?

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