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Windows app not updating songs playlist

Windows app not updating songs playlist






LG v35, windows 10 desktop

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Android Oreo, Windows 10


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Hello, I'm having an issue where my songs playlist will not update on my windows computer. I listen 50/50 on my phone and on my PC, so when I added some songs to my default "songs" playlist on my phone, they simply didn't make it over on my pc. I fixed this issue yesterday by reinstalling spotify on my pc, but the issue happened again today when I added another few songs. I'd rather not reinstall spotify every day in order to listen to my favorite new songs. This bug didn't appear until only a few days ago.


Update: after a few minutes of fiddling around, I've found that if I manually search up the missing songs and add them to the "songs" playlist on my desktop, it will be added to the playlist on my pc, but on my phone it will be sent to the top of the playlist. I can also remove a missing song then re-add it to the playlist from my phone in order to make it show up on my desktop. Note that doing this manual adding-removing only will update that one song, so because I was missing 3 songs in the playlist, I had to do this for each one! This is very strange behavior, it makes me think that the desktop app isn't syncing with the actual playlist that is in the "cloud", but it will sync with any new live changes. Also, my phone updated 2 days ago which is in line with this weird behavior, that may just be coorelation and not mean causation.


Reinstalling the windows app will update the playlist, restarting spotify, logging out and back in, or restarting pc will not. Playlist can be updated live from phone or PC, but it isn't syncing. Syncing and updating are not the same in this case. Update refers to individual add/remove songs, Sync refers to all of the contents being the same.

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