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Won't play the ads and stops all activity

Won't play the ads and stops all activity

Plan - Free, USA, Desktop computer, Win 8.1


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I start a playlist. It plays about 3 songs, then transfers to a 30 second ad and stops completely. NO ad, just a blank 30 second time line. Links no longer work, I can't start the playlist. No sound is possible.


Before YOU feel like an **bleep**, I'm on a desktop. Such an ancient system does NOT use apps. There is nothing installed or reinstallable. Spotify is simply a URL link in my Firefox version 109 (64-bit) version (Latest) browser. When checked it says I'm using the Web Player


Trying to close the app is ludicrous (think about it). Clearing my browser cache is possible and rebooting the Firefox browser is doable. Rebooting the system is a process taking several minutes at the least and is NOT a workable solution. BTW, I've closed my system down at night many times (which is a reboot) and this continues to be a problem.

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