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Wrong song playing on Windows 10 Spotify

Wrong song playing on Windows 10 Spotify

I noticed yesterday one song in my library when played on Windows desktop Spotify ends up playing another song from my library. This happens in any of my playlists for this song and even if I search for the song and play it from the artists page. I have tried removing the song from my library but still have the same issue.


If I play this song on the web player or android devices this issue doesn't happen.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Spotify on Windows with the same issue.


Please help.





New Zealand



Operating System

Windows 10


3 Replies

Hey @BC66.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Could you let us know if the song you chose plays, but you can hear that it should be a different song. Or if you choose a song and a different song gets selected and plays.


If you could also send over the version of Spotify you are using, that'd be great.


Let us know what you can find. Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day!

Hi Guido,


The problem I had was that the song I selected would show that its playing but the music playing would be a different song from my playlist. The same wrong song would still play even if I removed the song I wanted from my library and tried playing it from the artists library.


Spotify version I am using is


I actually came across a fix when I noticed the same issue happened for another song in my library though.

In settings I deselcted 'Show Songs From: Downloads & Music Library' and now the correct songs play.


Thanks  for your reply



Hey again Ben,


It sounds like the song you had trouble with was imported as a local file. Is it possible that you've imported local files to Spotify but switched their names? If the songs were imported, how do the local files appear in the source folder? Do they have the correct names that match the actual songs? You can try with a different music player and see if the same issue occurs. 


Further, we can see that you're currently using an older version of the Spotify app. Make sure to always keep your app up-to-date. In your case, it's even better if you reinstall the app completely. 


Let us know if that helps 🙂


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