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You keep playing me Swedish music even though I'm not Swedish

You keep playing me Swedish music even though I'm not Swedish



Premium (the non Swedish premium)


Hungary (a little south to Sweden)


Operating System

Windows 8.1 (non Swedish)


My Question or Issue (in English)

Hello, would you please stop playing Swedish music for me? I'm not Swedish, I don't speak Swedish, but even though I was Swedish, you play me the worst songs that were ever written in the history of Sweden. I have no interactions with any Swedish artists on Spotify, neither on Google, Youtube, Facebook, or anywhere else. I never listen to any Swedish songs. Please stop playing me Swedish music. They are appearing in my daily mixes and Tastebreakers
PS: I have Swedish friends and they are very nice and I don't have a problem with Swedish people. It's just some of these songs are annoying.


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Hey there @dalhax,

thanks for posting in the community !


Just to clarify things, what do you mean by saying the "Non swedish account"?

Do you currently have, had or paid for an account with any swedish details ?


This is very important for me to understand as the only possible way for an account to present a specific country's contect is by one of the reasons i mantioned above.


Waiting on your update 😃

Hey dalhax, I am by no means an engineer at Spotify, but you probably listen to and interact with Spotify songs and albums consistent with that of Swedish listeners. It could also be a matter of some weird edge-case scenario and so the algorithm is choking. 


FYI, are you using a proxy, or some Swedish Internet Provider? That may affect it. My Spotify insisted on playing Spanish ads even though I live in the Midwest of the US, and it went away on its own, so if nothing else, be a touch patient.

I never had paid for or been in contact with any Swedish account. This is my first account.

Hello, I was never using any proxy services. I started my Spotify account in Hungary and now I'm in Canada but these Swedish songs are still chasing me.


I usually listen to English and French songs and I liked a few songs from a German rock band but they sing English

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