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api-ms-win-core-console-l3-2-0.dll is missing

api-ms-win-core-console-l3-2-0.dll is missing

Updated Spotify on Win10 and get this message when I try to run it or to uninstall it. Not able to do anything with it. What could I do?


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Hey there,


Thanks for your posts here in the Community and for all the info provided!


At Spotify, we are always working to provide our users with the best possible listening experience. We continuously encourage users to use the latest version of Spotify as it contains the newest features and bug fixes. Older versions of the app often have broken or missing features due to their old interface, which can not support the latest Spotify experience. In addition some of these old apps have security vulnerabilities associated with underlying older technologies. These vulnerabilities are not available on the latest versions of the app and can only be eliminated by shutting down services built with older technologies.


The latest version of Spotify requires at least Windows 10 on PC or macOS 10.13 to function.


We recommend making sure you are using the most recent version of the Spotify app on your devices, and have updated your Operating System to the latest version first. Additionally, you can also enjoy Spotify through our Web Player.


Hope this clears things up. If you need a hand with anything else, we're always a post away!

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Man, i have the same issue, tryed everything, but nothing, if you will figure it out, pls tell me

Bruh.... i have same problem.


Ok guys, I got it.


Support chat was not able to help me, so I've made own investigation.

Seems that the dev team started to use some features which Microsoft are NOT going to include in old builds of the OS.

I had 1607 build and Windows Update somehow was just downloading updates for my build, but not upgrading it to the more fresh build.


So now to run Spotify you need to UPGRADE (not UPDATE) Windows (and spend a few hours deleting all trash Microsoft will install with it). I have now build 22H2.


Would be really nice to allow installation of previous versions, or perform QA for all windows builds at least, so support could provide relative information.

Same error here, on 2016 LTSC. Now I can only reinstall 1.2.10 from:

(link removed)
Hope they will place an upgrade blocker for affected Windows versions...

Still can't installed it. Api l3 must be download and i can't find it everywhere


sumpah kenapa ya tiba" banget cok gabisa, ada yg tau caranya ga? bisa lgsg dm @zahranjr_ aja ya pliss bgt urjenn, 


can someone help! it gives the same error

Had this issue just now and solved it simpler. Installed a windows 8 version of Spotify worked a charm. No uninstall or changes. 

Também passo pelo mesmo problema, o aplicativo não abre, e exige essa dll, e verifiquei no meu sistema e realmente ela está ausente. Alguém poderia disponibilizar isso "api-ms-win-core-console-l3-2-0.dll" para download ?????

Yes this worked for me too, thanks.


Edit: Same issue again and now none of the previous versions work.

pls spotify make a version for us who cant update windows or i will unsub from premium

I have Windows 10 (64 bit) LTE version. There is latest version 1607. Spotify doesn't work on this uptodate Windows LTE. Spotify shows message "The program can't start because api......dll..."

same issue, not able to run spotify. I have a few years old pc, but, come on why they gotta screw people over with these updates. it should at least be able to run.

Infelizmente eu resolvi esse problema depois de instalar uma versão mais antiga do Spotify. 

-Não tem como desinstalar o Spotify de forma convencional, então eu usei um programa para fazer esse serviço, que nesse caso foi o IObit Uninstaller Free.

-Agora é só fazer o download de uma versão mais antiga do Spotify e instalar:


Yes same, only way to fix is to use an older version of Spotify, you don't need to uninstall the broken version, the older one just installs over the top.


I did the same. I didn't need to uninstall it. I just downloaded the Windows 8.1 version and it asked me if I wanted to replace the current build.

Not the solution, or at least not the practical solution.

Google older versions of Spotify for PC. Go the webpage you find, pick a version from a few months back, install.

Now how long it will be until Spotify update it back to this version I don't know, but this at least works for now. 

Maybe Spotify will realise not all their customer base work on the latest greatest versions or updates of Win10


For those that don't want to upgrade windows, I simply went onto the spotify download page and downloaded an older version. I went for windows 8


Seemed to work for me

Thanks! So far it works.

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