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bluetooth headphones problem.


bluetooth headphones problem.

Casual Listener





Czech Republic 


dell notebook

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Windows 10


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Hi. my problem is, that if i stop song in spotify, my sound just disappear. I can't play anything else just spotify ( if the spotify is playing some song i can play anything but it must be on and playing). If i close the program with program manager, than it's ok and i can play film from yt or elsewhere. I have Bluetooth headphones ROG fusion 700.

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Re: bluetooth headphones problem.


I have exactly the same problem.

When i disconnect my bluetooth earbuds and connect them again, all audio works again, until I pause Spotify.


This is very annoying.

Some help? No? Pls?

Casual Listener

Hey, i will be very glad if someone can explain me, if it's an hardware problem or the problem is on your side 👍

Thx for help.