error code 13 for Windows 7, again

error code 13 for Windows 7, again


I've been running Free Spotify on my 64-bit Windows 7 Dell (in the UK) without a problem for some time.  (Occasionally when I've run it, it first tells me that it's installing Spotify: I presume it was downloading updates.)


Earlier this week, that process failed, and I have been unable to install or run Spotify.  Typically, I get "error code 13".


I have tried:

  1. uninstalling any existing Spotify, both using Windows' Control Panel > Uninstall, and manually looking for username/AppData files
  2. booting into safe mode and installing
  3. downloading the FullSetup version
  4. running in Win XP SP 2 mode
  5. running as an Administrator

That error code 13 keeps getting in the way, though.


Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Thank you!


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