local files sync broken... again...

local files sync broken... again...






Desktop PC // Motorola One

Operating System

Windows 10 20H2 // Android 10


My Question or Issue

Local files sync is broken again, both apps are up to date. Open spotify on both of the applications. Sync a playlist with local files from the computer on the smartphone, nothing is synced and all files end up with an exclamation mark. And no I won't reinstall a thing and do the tests for you, I'm tired of doing these useless steps that never work. My apps have been reinstalled so many times lately because of your bugs that they've never been so clean. Just fix your apps and test them before releasing them!


The quality of your applications is decreasing at a fast rate, I've spent so much time on these forums to report issues since November from the last year that I cannot count how many hours I've spent there... And I've been using Spotify for years without major issues, but last months are a real pain with your apps that have so many bugs and crashes with updates which introduce more crashes that I'm thinking of leaving for another service.

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