most songs are greyed out

most songs are greyed out








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a lot of songs are unplayable and therefor greyed out. how do i fix this? it started about a moth ago, often daily mix playlists are completely filled with unplayabe songs. worst thing is that when they're unplayable it doesn't skip them either. it "plays" a nothing song that starts and ends at 0:00. pressing the skip song button then also doesn't work i have to manually select a song that is not greyed out. i already tried reinstalling spotify. i thought that fixed it but next morning i saw the same issue.

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Hey @allllah 


Unfortunately this means the content is no longer available. This can happen if licencing agreements with the artist/labels, or ownership of rights, has changed. Hopefully it will reappear soon.


Where did my music go?


yes well i figured that could be the case but i doubt spotify suddenly is unable to play anything. either they got into trouble with licensing and nobody else noticed or reported on the news about or my spotify is bugged. note that on my phone and laptop these songs play fine and are not greyed out. anyway why would spotify daily automatically put songs that don't work in a playlist. also why would the application bug out and not skip the song and play this 0:00 loop


This exact thing started happening for me yesterday. Almost all songs on my Daily Mix are greyed out.

Typically the tracks not greyed out are the ones I previously added to one of my normal playlists. All the suggestions are greyed out. Which is ironic because that's the whole reason I use these Daily Lists.


Hey @Paulussie 


I don't think these songs are just greyed out..


I would try out the steps in this article just to be sure Spotify doesn't have problems connecting to its servers.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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