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new spotify skin

new spotify skin

hey i'm using Spotify version . after the update , the skin of program looks weird and the window bar in the middle is gone (check attached pic).beside rolling back the update , are there anyways to change this? 

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Hey @amir_asghary


Which version of the Spotify app were you using before you updated?


This has been the new design for over a year now.


The File, Edit, View changes are new to version 1.0.75. At the top of the left sidebar you will now see 3 white dots. You can click on that for those options.

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I've just got this version too. It's ugly, especially if Friends Activity is disabled, because the controls section just cuts out the grey. There's no title bar on the application at all anymore. It seriously looks like the top of the window has been cut off. spotify ugly.PNG

The Mac app looks just like this with no title bar (but the window controls look slightly different) so my best guess is that the desktop app designers wanted to make the Windows UI more consistent to be in line with the Mac UI.

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I have just received update as well, and I have to agree that the new design is incredibly ugly. It breaks windows 10 graphic language guidelines in every way possible. 


The first ugly element is the window controls on the top right having different background color than the rest of windows header, making it appear visually more complex and very unprofessional/unfinised.


Secondly, the settings menu hidden behind three dots is an android convention, not windows one. The menu bar was just fine, it required one less click to access all the necessary things and it was so minimalistic (not many menu entries) that it was not distracting or taking up space in any way.


I mean look at this mess. This is inappropriate lapse in design quality for an app millions of people use:

I too am very disappointed there's no way to rollback to previous version.

I just updated to "" on Win10 and have to agree it's pretty horrific to look at in certain parts, I came on here to see if it was a problem on my end and hopefully find a fix but apparently it's the actual design choice.


The light grey I think has been like that for a while on the main content section, but the contrast of the light and dark grey just doesn't look right, same with the min/max/close icons background color and I'm not even going to comment on the scrollbars...


I even have a black bar across the bottom of the window where it sits on the Start bar when maximized now too. I know they're all petty little things but it doesn't feel very "premium", quite sad really cause I've always said how much I like Spotifys design.


Have to agree - incredibly ugly, and a major lack of foresight not to at least have an option to put the file manu bare back.


For me it's a dealbreaker on Spotify, and I will be going to Apple Music if this is not solvable VERY QUICKLY. I'm talking like 48 hours nax.

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