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"Can't play the current song" Error (More details inside)

"Can't play the current song" Error (More details inside)

Hello! as stated in the title I keep getting this error, More details about my specs etc are below.

My problem currently is when I start playing a song it'll take a few seconds then it plays about 5-8 seconds of the song then stops with the error "Can't play the current song" then it plays again after a few seconds for another 5-8 seconds of the song.

My specs:
- i7-6700k

- GTX 980 4GB

- ASUS z170 Pro Gaming

- 16GB of DDR4 Ram

- OS Version is: Windows 10 Pro, Version 1803, OS Build 17134.48 


Fixes I've tried:

- Reinstalled Spotify

- Tried Windows store version of Spotify

- Tried the old version of Spotify (spotify_installer-

- Disabled and allowed Spotify in Windows Firewall


Fixes @SpotifyCares tried

- Switching audio outputs

- Disabled any antivirus software I've got

- Deleted my local files sources (didn't have any anyways..)

- Updated my sound drivers

- Testing my internet speed for web pages

- Tried "Playing songs from the web browser version and control it via the app"

- Disabling any unused Playback Devices


Just putting this here. SpotifyCares has been great so far, I just feel like they've ran out of options for me to try (been 9hrs since last reply.) and the people replying has been great, some of the best Customer Support I've experienced. It's just I feel like I've ran out of options and I thought the community could help?

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