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"Normalize Volume" Setting - A Placebo?

"Normalize Volume" Setting - A Placebo?

has this feature ever worked? not as long as i've been a premium subscriber as far as i can tell, and i've been a premium subscriber for a long time.... not only does it not work, it doesn't even come close to working, the volume levels in playlist tracks are all over the place, forcing me to constantly turn up or down the volume.


so what's the deal? i get the feeling the "normalize volume" setting is an inside joke at spotify, that they sit around laughing at the image of subscribers switching the little toggle back and forth, as if it would actually do something.


way back in the winamp days there were a couple of free standalone pc programs that would allow you to run your music library through a normalization process, and set different parameters, and it did nothing but just work, and work great. i wish i had never used those programs, because they make it clear just how truly worthless the spotify stab at normalization truly is.





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