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volume and audio quality drop when program is in the background

volume and audio quality drop when program is in the background

When I am using Spotify on my Windows 10 Thinkpad the volume and audio quality drop when program is in the background.  If i click on the application window the volume and quality go up again.  Any ideas on how to address this?  

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Hey @dennisfbeck


This audio quality drop might be caused by some Windows or soundcard settings.

Below are the most common settings that may cause that. 🙂


Sound enhancements

1. Go to Taskbar, find and click on the speaker icon. Click the speaker/device icon again on the volume slider popup.

2. Go to Sound Enhancement tab and disable them.

3. If there are additional tabs like Dolby or similar, try disabling these too.


Note: Like me, you might not have these settings available when you're using a separately purchased soundcard or audio interface. You may also have additional sound control interface installed (like DTS Audio Control Panel) by the factory. In this case I recommend looking into any extra control apps.
Or you may not find anything at all. Focusrite for example only has ASIO. In this case go to second setting. :')


Windows communications setting

1. Find the speaker icon on Taskbar again. Right-click on it and select Sounds.

2. In the opened window go to COmmunications and set Windows to do nothing.


I'll be here to assist you further if the issue persists 🙂

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