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yet another spotifay crashes after startup therad

yet another spotifay crashes after startup therad

hi all,

what the F#%K is going on with this forum?

i had to remove the specs of my machine to be able to post??? plz see attached file..


 years, but last week it suddenly could not start spotify. it opens up but shutdowns as soon as the user is logged in. i tried to uninstall and re install, and spotify fires up and allows me to log in with my credentials, but as soon as the credentials are checked, (when i normally would see my music), it closes down. i have tried to log in with another of the family user with same result. while it works perfect on my win 10 computer and mobile and so on, i cant listen to music any more in my music room. any suggestions???

Skärmklipp 2017-11-16 22.07.00.png
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still not working, have tried most of the tips on the forum, uninstalling, removing folder sin appdata and such


is this the way to get "help" with spotify or is there an officeial support one can contact?


Hey @nsxtas


That's weird.


I guess there may be entries on it in the Event Viewer, under Applications. I am curious on what it might be saying.


I suppose you have already tried the clean reinstall, which is uninstalling Spotify, checking %Appdata% for any leftover Spotify folders, restarting the machine and reinstalling Spotify.

So far I can recommend making sure you have all the important updates installed for Windows.

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