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Alternative Hip Hop


Alternative Hip Hop

Hello. Hope you're all staying warm and cozy.

I've always had the issue of understanding what genre of music I would place myself in, if I had to. Long ago, I came to understand that my style mostly falls under the category of Alternative Hip Hop. At the time, I was surprised to find such a genre exists, as I had never heard of it. Now, much later, I understand why that is.

No one ever talks about it. Alternative Hip Hop isn't something you can easily pull up on something like a Spotify playlist when trying to get ones stuff out there. 

Does anyone have some input for me on this matter? Perhaps the playlists are out there, I just haven't found them?

For what it's worth, I have done plenty of digging as of late, trying to get people to hear my new single, Destroy White Supremacy (linked below). This track isn't even too far away from the norm of hip hop. It's one of the least "alternative" of my hip hop tracks. Still, I find it difficult to find what box(es) to put it in. Some playlists I've tried contacting so far involve "old school" hip hop, and "conscious" hip hop. But in the long term of my style of music and what I like to create, I would really like to know where I can find my lane. 

Again, any input is appreciated. Thank you.

- The Raven Agent 

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