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Artists Wanted Edition No 11 - Summer Songs


Artists Wanted Edition No 11 - Summer Songs

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Hello everyone!


Summer has us in its warm embrace. Sun is shining, the weather is sweet and there is a lot to be grateful for. Like the fact that we have our favorite music keeping us company during this relaxing period. In this spirit - it's time for the Community Music Chat Team to once again welcome upcoming artists to submit their new releases for the next edition of Artists Wanted: Share Your Talent With The Community.


Naturally, the theme for this one is connected to the aforementioned season of good vibes. Tune into your inner breeze and gives your:


🌊Summer songs ☀️


We had a successful anniversary 10th edition with instrumental submission and we got to experience many different genres and interesting and experimental compositions. This time we would again encourage all kinds of musical styles - as long as they bring those refreshing, chilled (or even dancy 😄 ) summer vibes.


How does "Artists Wanted Edition No 11" work?


  • On a regular basis, we (the Community Music Chat Team) will post a thread (like this one) looking for submissions, so keep an eye out!
  • Artists participating have to be members of the Community and have a Spotify artist account.
  • Artists are welcome to post their original songs and intros in a comment below (only one comment per band/artist please).
  • Note: If an artist has already participated in a previous edition of this project, they can submit again only with a new release of theirs.

 Questions artists should answer to participate

  • Artist/Band name:
  • Where are you based:
  • Main genre of music:
  • Describe your sound/music in a few words:
  • Spotify link to one of your most recent original song which you'd submit in priority to the Community's users:
  • Handle for one social media of your choice:
  • Who are your musical inspirations:
  • Is there anything else you'd want to add to help users to get to know you better:

The Community Music Chat Team will go through all submissions, and propose a few for the entire Community to vote on. Once the results are in, we'll contact the winner, and they will be featured in our Community blog! 


When will submissions and voting occur?


Artists submissions: from June 23 to July 14 (Midnight Pacific Time)

Community vote: from July 17  to July 23 (Midnight Pacific Time)


Where to participate?


We'll hand it over to you, artists in the Spotify Community - post your answers to our questions in a comment below. Don't be shy, we'll be very glad to hear your tracks and read your replies!


Note - We ask artists to submit only original songs and not covers. Also, artists should not post/embed videos, as we'd like to keep the ground fair for smaller artists with lesser budgets.


P.S. When it comes to choosing the winning artist, we'll give an equal chance to the finalists to gather votes from the forum's users; so don't get discouraged if you enter your submission at a later point and don't gather too many likes in this thread.


If a song is selected for being submitted to the Community vote, artists are allowed to mention it to their followers, on Spotify, as in Social Media. Please be fair with all contestants and support participation with our Community by asking them to listen to all submissions.


Note: Here you can read about the winner of the 10th edition - Bristol, United Kingdom-based electronic artist Emuto




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Great initiative, Community Music Chat Team! Encouraging upcoming artists to share their work and connect with a supportive community is fantastic, especially during the vibrant summer season. Music plays a huge role in setting the right mood, and this platform is a wonderful way to discover new sounds.

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As a music enthusiast, I look forward to hearing the diverse summer vibes from all the talented artists out there. What genres are you all most excited to hear this season?

Loving the vibe of "Artists Wanted Edition No 11 - Summer Songs"! 🎶☀️ This edition perfectly captures the essence of summer with its refreshing and upbeat tracks. It's incredible to see so many talented artists coming together to create the ultimate summer playlist. Big shoutout to for curating such a fantastic collection

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