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Can I use Spotify on a Chromebook?





Yes, it's possible to stream all your favorite tunes and podcasts on your Chromebook. You can do this by either using the Spotify Web Player or by installing the Android version of Spotify.


Currently we don't have an official Chromebook app yet so we recommend using the Web Player which is similar to the full desktop version of Spotify.


Alternatively you can install the latest Android version of Spotify. This Spotify version is made for mobile devices so it's not only compact but it packs some extra features over the Web Player.



Q: How do I access the Web Player on my Chromebook?

A: You can access the Web Player by using this link:


Q: How do I install the Android version of Spotify on my Chromebook?

A: You can find out how to install the Android version of Spotify on your Chromebook by going to the Google Support page here.


Q: Can I download music on my Chromebook?

A: Yes, You can do this with the Android version of Spotify


Q: Can I see the Friend Feed on my Chromebook?

A: The Friend Feed is only available for the full version of the desktop app so unfortunately you won't be able to see what your friends are listening to.


Q: Can I import Local Files using my Chromebook?

A: This as well is a feature for the full desktop app and won't be possible using the Web Player. You might be able to 'download' your Local Files to your Chromebook if you are using the Android App. Here's info on how to do this.


Q: Can I create playlists using my Chromebook

A: Yes since recently it's possible to create your own playlists. Either by using the Web Player or the Android app. You can find more info here.



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